Hi there! My name is Lucy; I am a CS + Math undergraduate student interested in systems programming, reverse engineering, and web services. You can check out some of my work on my social media profiles:

I am affiliated with Arch Linux as an ArchWiki Maintainer. I am also a member of Donut Team where I do Linux consulting and QA. I am a former member of Citra Team where I did community management, reviewed articles, and programmed better error handling that Citra users may recognize.

Outside of online activities, I have ran a couple of hackathons with 200+ attendees and have a job doing system administration, web development, and IT.

(You wanted to know about offline activities? Well, I love going for walks and listening to loud music, but that's about it!)

Anyways, I enjoy technical writing:

This website is being hosted from my Oracle Cloud VPS, using nginx. The infrastructure is based off of my desktop dotfiles, comet-observatory. I edit this homepage using GNU nano in an SSH session. Don't worry, though, I'm not the GNU brand of activist; I just haven't learned Vim (but I do love open-source software!).

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